Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids are the most serious skin condition that affects all age group of people. Hemorrhoids are usually termed as hemroids or piles that are the swollen or enlarged veins in and around the lower rectum of the anus. The common indications of hemorrhoids are itching, bleeding and pain. Based on their appearance they are classified into internal and external hemorrhoids.

As bleeding during a bowel movement is the first symptom of haemorrhoid infection and it may be seen as a bright red blood on the stool. Usually in the case of external haemorrhoid conditions this bleeding is little and painless so this can be easily curable through some application of creams. There are situations particular with internal hemorrhoids which can bleed heavily and cause severe pain to the sufferer. This persistent bleeding will at times cause anaemia, resulting in exhaustion, general weakness or some other related symptoms. To treat this type of bleeding hemorrhoids it is must for the patient to visit the doctor immediately to find the apt reason and cure procedures for rectal bleeding.

The doctor will examine the size, nature and causes of bleeding through the following procedures: Sigmoidoscopy- this will show clear pictures of the rectum and the most lower larger intestine, Colonoscopy- this will help to view the entire colon, Anoscopy- this allows to inspect the anus and lower rectal regions. All these evaluations are must to access the severity and actual position of the infection to avoid further risks.

There are various treatments to heal bleeding hemorrhoids and they are allopathic therapy and natural or herbal treatments. For the best cure and relief of the bleeding hemorrhoids the primary step that the patient should pursue is the immediate home remedies. At once if the patient identifies the symptom of piles he should ensure to change his food habits to a proper manner and also his lifestyle. High fiber-rich diet will is the most excellent way to soften and bulk the stools to avoid constipation and this will aid to reduce the bleeding from hemorrhoids. Fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains are affluent with fiber or even it is now possible to get fiber supplements that are in the market. Some of the fiber supplements are Metamucil, Citrucel, and Fibercon etc.

Drinking plenty of water will help to avoid dehydration and it washes out the body thoroughly and is the best source for improved bowel movement. It is good to do some regular walking and other mild exercises rather than sitting or standing for a long duration. One should practise regular, good and hygienic toilet habits and must not strain during bowel movements or control stools as all these habits will increase rectal pressure and will make the haemorrhoid condition extremely worsen.

Lukewarm Sitz baths is a process in which the sufferer has to sit in the bathtub and soak the rectal area in lukewarm water for 10 -15 minutes twice everyday. This will improve the blood flow and soothe the internal anal regions.

Application of creams and suppositories are also good for treating bleeding hemorrhoids. Creams that are available in the market constitute hydrocortisone and also ointments containing vasoconstrictors like ephenephrine, ephedrine also helps in treatments of bleeding hemorrhoids. All these creams and suppositories must not be used for long duration as they tend to cause several side effects. So it is better to consult with the physician to avoid further risks.

After trying all these simple and natural remedies if the bleeding continues, then the patient must prefer to undergo some simple surgical treatments which can be done by the doctors in a day. Some of the treatments for the bleeding hemorrhoids are:

Rubber band ligation- Tying a rubber band around the hemorrhoids will stop the blood flow and make the haemorrhoid shrink and fall off shortly. This treatment is successful in nearly 80 % of sufferers.

Laser, infrared, or bipolar coagulation- All these procedures comprise the usage of laser beams, infrared light rays to the affected region and destroy the internal bleeding hemorrhoids. In Coagulation the heat is passed to the hemorrhoidal tissue and makes them degenerate.

Sclerotherapy- Some special chemicals are injection in the infected areas and this will break the hemorrhoidal tissue and thus destroy hemorrhoids.

Blood clot removal surgery- This process is mainly applied for the patients, who suffer from thrombosed hemorrhoids. In this method the blood clots are removed by means of scalpels and thus relieve hemorrhoidal pains.

For some large or severe bleeding hemorrhoids the major surgical treatments must be pursued to remove the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidectomy is one such method in which the excess hemorrhoidal tissue is removed and this is done under the administration of local anaesthesias.

All these bleeding haemorrhoids treatment just aid in temporary relief and as well are costlier, so to have a permanent cure from bleeding hemorrhoids it is best for everyone to eat fibre rich food, drink plenty of water and do habitual simple workouts to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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