What You Need to Know About Hemorrhoids

There is much to know about hemorrhoids: different types of hemorrhoids, how common they are and also their treatment. This article will point out the different types of hemorrhoids and briefly on how often these complications occur.

As a point to note, there are several groups of veins that are found around the anus and rectum. These groups of veins include the internal and external hemorrhoids veins. Hemorrhoids occur because of too much pressure on either the external or the internal hemorrhoids veins.

There are two common types of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. People who suffer from the internal type of hemorrhoids experience great pressure on the internal veins, while those who suffer from the external type of hemorrhoids have the external hemorrhoidal veins greatly affected.

The internal hemorrhoids occur when there is excess pressure on the internal hemorrhoidal veins. One typical symptom of these types of hemorrhoids is red blood appearing on the stool or tissue paper. Once you realise such a sign in your stool, you should know that you may have the internal type of hemorrhoids.

Sometimes the pressure and swelling may continue, which makes the hemorrhoidal veins to enlarge distorting their original shape. If swelling does not stop, these veins are likely to bulge via the anus and protrude outside.

Patients who have been diagnosed with the internal hemorrhoids rarely feel pain. Pain may occur if there are blood clots inside the internal hemorrhoidal veins. It may also occur as a result of an infection inside the veins. Therefore, you should seek immediate medical attention once you notice a sign of this complication in your stool.

Another type is the external hemorrhoids. We have the external veins surrounding the anus, which can become swollen and cause this complication. These external hemorrhoidal veins get swollen and bleed due to rubbing.

There is also irritation from the draining mucus that can cause some itching around the anus. The external hemorrhoids can actually be a serious complication especially when the veins enlarge due to swelling.

Blood may clot inside these hemorrhoids and this causes severe pain. Therefore, it is advisable to seek medical attention with immediate effect once you suspect to have this type of hemorrhoids.

Sometimes veins in the anus or rectum can swell to an extent of protruding outside through these two avenues. Blood flow becomes restricted in these veins and this may result to blood clot inside the veins. If such a condition occurs, we say that you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

All these types of hemorrhoids are very common. They can occur to everybody, but are especially common during pregnancy and with people encountering constipation problems. Therefore, you should contact your doctor immediately if you suspect to have any of the above types of hemorrhoids.

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