What Are the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be either external or internal, and they will have different hemorrhoids symptoms.

External Hemorrhoids Symptoms

The symptom of external hemorrhoids will most likely be pain in the rectum. The pain occurs when blood begins to pool underneath the skin and causes blood clots. These blood clots are called thrombosis, and when this happens, the lump that appears can cause the sufferer a lot of pain.

In the event that the sufferer doesn’t seek medical attention to have these hemorrhoids removed, they can heal on their own, but they can leave scar tissue behind. This scar tissue can continue to be a bother to the sufferer.

Even after surgery, these symptoms can return and cause the hemorrhoid sufferer to begin feeling the same pain all over again.

Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

The hemorrhoids symptoms of the internal kind are much more extensive. Most people notice rectal bleeding when they are suffering from internal hemorrhoids. Times people notice this bleeding is after they have wiped themselves following a bowel movement when they notice bright red blood on their toilet paper.

They may also see bright red blood in the toilet after they have relieved themselves. It’s not uncommon to observe blood in their stools.

The internal hemorrhoids can also cause many other hemorrhoids symptoms other than just the bleeding. Some people experience itching. The itching results when the internal hemorrhoids secrete mucus since this is very itchy to the anal area. If the hemorrhoids are large enough, they can secrete enough mucus that reaches the skin and this also causes discomfort to the person who has them.

One of the most uncomfortable of the hemorrhoids symptoms doesn’t let people feel any relief after they have relieved themselves of their stools. They continue to feel the urge to release their stools after they have completed this action because they feel the hemorrhoids within their bodies. As the hemorrhoid grows larger, this discomfort also increases.

Of the hemorrhoids symptoms that people can experience with internal hemorrhoids, pain is usually not one of them but it can occur. Usually, an internal hemorrhoid will hurt if the hemorrhoid grows to such a large size that it becomes squeezed by the sphincter muscles. If the pain is extreme, it may be because the blood supply is being cut off. At this point, people need immediate treatment.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms – More Serious Signs

Hemorrhoids symptoms can be the sign of several diseases. Three types of cancer, colon, rectal and anal are all possibilities when people begin to notice that they are suffering from pain and bleeding. They may also have anal fissures, tears within the anal muscles, or inflammatory bowel disease. The point is that people who are newly experiencing these symptoms need to have them checked out by a doctor.

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